Why offices should recycle paper

Regardless of the size of the office, the number of employees or the kind of services the company provides and offers the public, it is going to use up a good amount of paper. All of this paper is going to eventually make its way to a landfill, which is not good for the local environment. That is exactly why all offices should recycle paper, no matter how much paper it uses or what sort of paper it utilizes on a day to day basis. If every single company decided to recycle all of the paper that it used throughout the year, it would save hundreds of thousands of pounds of paper and it could reduce the size of landfills around the globe in one swoop. 

When a company uses paper in its services and inside of the office, it is not going to completely use the paper and send it out to a customer or client. Chances are, this paper is only going to sit around and then, eventually, make its way to the trash can. Once the paper is in the trash can the paper is going to be wrapped up in the trash bag, taken to the city dump and then left to decompose this way. Naturally, the paper would decompose quickly, as water, air and sunlight play major roles in the paper breaking apart. However, when the paper is inside of the trash bag this is not going to be possible, and inside of the landfill it is just going to sit in the plastic bag for hundreds of years. This makes it extremely difficult for the paper to ever break down. It is also why the office needs to recycle the paper.When the office recycles paper, it is going to be taken, broken down and transformed into new paper and other paper materials. When the paper is processed, it is going to be cleaned and shredded up, not to mention mixed with other forms of paper that the office and other offices recycle. From there, manufacturing plants are able to take this recycled paper and turn it into another form of paper products. It can turn it into cardboard boxes, or it might use the recycled paper to convert it into paper napkins. All of this is going to vey helpful and it is going to significantly reduce the amount of paper that is going towards the landfill. This is not only going to reduce the size of the landfill, but it is also going to reduce the amount of trees that have to be used in order to create paper products.

The recycled paper is used for the alternative paper products, ranging from new paper to the napkins and other paper material. However, for the items that are not recycled, companies need to harvest new trees and turn it into the paper for the napkins and other material that should and could be made from the recycled material. All of this is going to require more trees to be removed from the planet, all because companies decided to not recycle their paper. All of this can be avoided and fewer trees can be destroyed by companies, as long as your business and other businesses decided to recycle the paper they use in the office.