Saving Rainforests By Recycling

Most businesses don’t think about all that paper they buy. They fill their carts to overflowing never really knowing the impact that paper consumption is having on the rain forests. One of Earth’s greatest biological treasures is the rain forests. At one time, they covered more than 14% of the world’s surface. Today, rain forests are only about 6% and within 40 years, scientists believe they will be consumed. Surprisingly, a half-acre of the rain forest is lost each second. In general, the rain forests are being perceived by the value of the timber they contain.

Rain forest deforestation is responsible for the loss of 137 plant and animal species each year. As these areas become more and more sparse, it inhibits the ability to come up with possible cures for diseases that is life threatening. More than 120 prescriptions that are sold in the world come from plant derived sources. Unfortunately, most of these great areas are being cleared by the chainsaws and destroyed by fire for timber value. Even large companies, like Georgia Pacific and Texaco are behind the destruction of the rain forest. However, there is something that can be done.

Business can stand up and make a difference. Recycling is one way that helps to reuse something and anything that is recycled can save the environment. That being said, one thing that is mostly destroying these vastly important areas is the use of woods. Wood is used for flooring, paper, walls and structures and a plethora of other things. Cutting down on the wood consumption is a way to make a difference. For starters, the paper consumption is out of control. Rather than using so much paper, why not make more things electronic? The fact that most businesses prefer to keep data stores electronic is a plus. However, there are still many other businesses that could learn from how to cut back and decrease their paper usage.

When it comes to remodeling and doing things to improve the business, don’t use traditional wood flooring. Rather, recycle and use other materials that are earth friendly or “green.” The use of wood flooring has added to the need for more and more trees to be destroyed. Wood flooring is popular because it is durable, easy to clean and last a long time. But, there are other products out there that are environmentally friendly and can look just as amazing.

Businesses spend a great deal of money on ink cartridges for their computers. These cartridges can be refilled. While some might think this is an insignificant way to save money, the savings really adds up. It costs up to 50% less to refill a cartridge than it does to replace it. Not only will the company save money, but they will also be doing something that is great for the environment.

When the TIPNIS Highway tried to destroy more than 1,482,000 of the rain forest, protesters set out to ensure this didn’t happen. At the cost of $400 million, the cost and effects of this project were incredibly dangerous to the environment. Bolivian President Evo Morales, along with the support of local business, made a law that wouldn’t allow this destruction. If other businesses would get involved like in this case, the rain forests could be preserved and the beautiful creatures and plants that live here would be preserved.