Recycling, good for business

Business just like households have lots of opportunity’s to preserve non-renewable resources and help with both local and global conservation. It might not occur to a company somewhere in the US, Australia or Europe that a small act of recycling can add up to saving the Amazon, or the rain-forests of Africa.

There are so many ways a business, small medium or large can instill basic practices and easily contribute to environmental conservation. Almost all office supplies can be recycled for original or alternative use and by that reduce the company’s carbon foot print.

When it comes to bigger businesses, there is so much they can do in conservation terms. Big business of manufacturing companies have the option of supporting conservation efforts both in kinda and in cash. In kind, their efforts could star with something as simple as a company setting up a recycling policy. This could involve a workers welfare department or social responsibility department. The company should be able to provide recycling training, collection point and recycling champions among its employees. Doing this and including small prizes will easily cut the negative impacts brought about by consumption. Companies can also take the green gas emission credits by sponsoring tree planting activities and conservation efforts by conservation organizations.

Here is a look at some simple things small businesses can recycle to support conservation efforts like that of rain-forests. Office paper, paper-cups, glass and aluminum. All these can be recycled both either at office level or out in recycle plant. Offices have the choice to minimize printing or completely going paper-less. By doing so, they save many rims of paper that would have otherwise been manufactured from trees exploited from natural habitats and in few cases rain-forests. The fact that more trees are needed to feed paper demand, easily means that alternative tree sources get used to make paper and rainforests get exploited for the alternative needs. By recycling paper, the demand for the same is lower and trees used in paper-mills could be used to make plywood for furniture, thereby saving special habitants like rain-forests.

By recycling, other office waste, the manufacturing companys involved in exploiting natural habitants for raw materials have alternative supply’s and do less of environmental degradation. The fact that minerals like aluminum and iron-ore are not renewable makes it more meaningful that we should reuse the already available amounts with a recycling mindset. From soft drink cans, to foil wrappers and everything between, should be sorted in an easy ‘drop-off” multi-holed bins.

Finally, ensuring that business supplies are procured from organizations that support environmental conservation issues. It is important to know that all supplies have environmental footprint and establishing an environmental friendly procurement policy, businesses small and big can add strength to the multiplier effect of supply vendors.